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Innovative Merchandising...

Our philosophy of merging great products with dynamic merchandising increases purchases throughout the store. Our merchandising is designed to take advantage of "adjacency" techniques for increasing unplanned purchases. These merchandising options help you to drive sales by placing companion products and impulse items in strategic locations throughout your store. We have a variety of merchandising options for most of our products, both on-shelf and off.

Here are a few of our options:

Billboard Case Merchandisers™
Billboard Case Merchandisers™ (BCM) offer many advantages to traditional cut case merchandisers or trays.
• Usage photos quickly communicate to customers, spurring increased unplanned purchases.
• Provides cleaner, more organized, flexible shelf set.
• Accomodates adjacency placement around the store near companion items for maximum cross selling effectiveness.
• Allows easy stack out displays for promotions.

Traditional Trays

Dump Bin
Increase impulse purchases with this attractive bin displayer.
• Convenient displayer. Simply pop it up and display any where in the store.
• Small displayer footprint is ideal for many store locations.
• Any product can be placed inside to create an instant promotion.
• Designed to handle multiple case counts and product sizes.

Post Merchandisers
Gravity feed post merchandisers fit perfectly on shelving posts – great for add-on sales near fluids and other maintenance product displays.

Spur impulse purchases by placing powerwings near companion items such as chemicals. Displays come pre-loaded, simply hook onto powerwing and watch the sales ring in.

Counter and Shelf Display Merchandisers
New counter and shelf display merchandisers are the perfect option to increase impulse sales at the check out or by placing next to a companion item on shelves. We can customize our displays to match your shelf requirements.

Stackable Cut Cases
Use as: quarter pallet stack out, half or full pallet. Great for promotions or peak season stock up time, stackable display cases offer maximum flexibility. Create a display with just one item, or chose several SKUs. These merchandisers can be used alone or for building larger displays, from quarter to full pallets.

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